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A Pride of Ex Muslims

 Sadia Hameed

Wednesday, August 16 2017 at 8:00PM

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The Old St John's Church
High Wycombe
HP11 2PU

Sadia Hameed

What's the talk about?

The Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB) marched in the London pride procession this year to express their solidarity for those LGBT individuals in Muslim majority countries that would be executed simply for who they are. 

Although there were Christian groups marching with placards saying "God is gay" and "Jesus has two fathers", CEMB's "Allah is Gay" placards have recieved a deluge of negative press, even though the response from those that came to watch the march was largely positive.  


Sadia Hameed is a spokesperson for the  Council of Ex Muslims of Britain and has worked in the violence against women's sector for much of her career, with a focus on the experiences of Black and Minority ethnic women. 
She was awarded Activist of the year in March by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation and Selected as one of the top 100 women in the World by Lift Effects.