Philosophy in the Pub is a group based in Chesham, and is an intelligent, friendly, beer loving group that discusses topics of interest to skeptics (and anyone else for that matter!)

We have plenty of crossover members, and Philosophy in the Pub "on tour" has made occasional takeovers of Wycombe Skeptics evenings!

You can find out more on their Facebook page

Chiltern Humanists are a local group that exists to promote Humanism. They have a range of events and speakers, including members of Wycombe Skeptics!. Find out more at

Reading Skeptics in the Pub An established group that have some brilliant events, do have a look and go along. They were also a huge amount of help to us getting our group off the ground!

Skeptics and Believers is a unique twist on the skeptics in the pub concept running in Henley-on-Thames. A mixture of self confessed Skeptics and active Christians meet to discuss a topic each month. Whether it be morality, theology or apologetics, the discussiomn is always lively although respectful! Several Wycombe skeptics are regulars and it is a friendly group! Find out more at

Sunday Assembly is a congregation that meets on Sunday mornings in High Wycombe as well as other towns and has been dubbed "The Atheist Church". It blends comedy, music, activism, community and good living. find out more at or