London Black Atheists

Wednesday, May 18 2016 at 8:00PM

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The Old St John's Church (Cafe Space)
Desborough Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2PU

London Black Atheists

What's the talk about?

London Black Atheists present - Religion, Superstition and the Imperative for an African Enlightenment 

Europe is increasingly turning it's back on religion, the churches are turning to Africa to repopulate & fill the pews and pulpits. Religion is a web of unfounded claims, unverifiable assertions and unfalsifiable hypothesis, simply put religion is a big lie which must either be believed or face an eternity in everlasting hell fire. In the past, Black and Minority Ethnic peoples have suffered the most from religion and thanks to cultural and religious imperialism, are still suffering to this day. It is time for an African Enlightment.


We will be joined by Clive Aruede, Founder-Organiser of LBA, Lola Tinubu co-founder and organiser at LBA, and Audrey Simmons, LBA.

About London Black Atheists - Despite the name Black, is a group that welcomes all atheists. Their mission is to encourage ethnic peoples of all stripes and particularly of the African Diaspora to come out as atheists to other atheists.

For social and historical reasons Black people tend to be very religious. The default position in Black society is that religion is a good thing that should be followed without question. LBA disagree. At some times and in some places, religion in the past has provided social cohesion, schools, hospitals, charities and the like, but the overwhelming evidence is that nowadays religion is divisive, physically harmful, mentally destabilising and morally bankrupt. It is a brake on social and scientific progress. 

A lively and engaged group based in London, we are excited to have members of LBA come speak to us at Wycombe Skeptics.

Skeptics in the Pub is a place for inquisitive people of all ages to meet and converse in the High Wycombe area. 

Skeptics are people who yearn to discover the truth behind extraordinary claims that people or groups may make, this can be in areas of alternative therapies, the paranormal, religion and faith, the afterlife and many other areas of life. We we often end up talking about superstition, science, religious fundamentalism, health, censorship and conspiracy theory

We make no claims to balance, and actively promote science, freedom of expression and secular humanism..

You are welcome to come along and just sit and listen to others, or if you are braver get stuck right in with conversation and views!

Our Website is at, join ourFacebook page and follow us on Twitter.